100% Natural!

HUSKY Tofu Cat Litter doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or synthetic materials (assuming you’re buying unscented, uncolored tofu cat litter, which we recommend). In addition, you’ll find that many conventional cat litters can cause respiratory issues in both cats and humans over time. This is NOT the case with tofu cat litter. Tofu cat litter is made from natural ingredients which are safe to ingest (although still not recommended over long periods of time) which is in stark contrast to other litters, where an emergency vet visit is usually required if your cat starts to eat it.

HUSKY Tofu Cat Litter is flushable and biodegradable.

Absorbency rate of up to 300%

HUSKY Tofu Cat Litter has 3 kinds, 2.0mm, 1.5mm and crushed, which make for a much larger overall absorptive surface than most litters. Thanks to this feature, the litter can absorb up to 3 times its own weight!

100%  1.5 mm for current package

Effortless scooping

HUSKY Tofu Cat Litter Scooping has never been easier, since the litter’s smooth, cylindrical pellets sift right through the scoop!

Highly efficient

HUSKY Tofu Cat Litter Compared to the previous version, it dissolves quicker and more thoroughly. The ability to save even more on usage. Compared to the previous version, it absorbs liquid more completely and quickly. It can absorb a fluid volume four times greater then itself in just tow seconds.

99% dust-free

HUSKY Tofu Cat Litter is Superior clumping quickly absorbs liquids while trapping odors on contact to form tight clumps making cleaning a breeze. 99.9% dust-free and pet-friendly soft pellets great for adult cats and kittens, this litter keeps the air and surfaces clean.

Easy to clean

HUSKY Tofu Cat Litter The natural clumping agents in this litter form tight clumps without sticking to the litter box or the scoop. This makes for easy scooping and cleaning.

Flushable and soluble

HUSKY Tofu Cat Litter is 100% biodegradable which means it is safe to flush into the toilet or used as garden fertilizer. We do not recommend dumping a large amount of this type of waste into the toilet in a short period of time, although ours is completely flushable because its clumps dissolve in the water.